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Sirpa is a professional Aromatherapists in Canada and has taught many students in Asia. Because of her valuable knowledge in aromatherapy, she was invited by her best students, Emialy Hsiao and Fiona Lam, to establish 2 aromatherapy and massage training centre in Taiwan and Singapore on 2012.

Emily Hsiao has a Master’s degree in Biology from Asia University in Taiwan and been trained in aromatherapy by Joyessence Aromatherapy Centre Canada. She is a member of National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA), Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists (CFA), International Federation of Aromatherapists (IFA) and The Aromatherapists Society (TAS). In 2010, she was offered opportunities to study the highest level of massage therapy in the England from Helen McGuinness Health & Beauty Training International and became the certified therapists from VTCT, which is a government approved awarding body in the UK.

Fiona Lam is a well-known instructor of massage therapy in SPA industry in Singapore. She has been professionally trained by Helen McGuinness massage training centre and London School of Beauty and Make up in the UK.

EAMT Aroma Beauty & Massage Training School 
EAMT AromaBeauty & Massage Training School


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